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I’m a little bit OCD. I like to think it comes out of my Japanese heritage. It can be a force for good (of self and others) when directed appropriately.

I like taxonomies to understand differences and commonalities. I like to group things together, sort and compare things along different criteria. I like to make a mass of unrelated material hold together.

I also like learning (sometimes hard but definitely a slow, continuing journey) and recounting what I’ve learned (less hard and often skipped over until recently).

I grew up reading and enjoying some books that weren’t quite the normal boy’s reading material, such as Instant ESP by David St. Clair which was first introduction to visualization, self-hypnosis, energy. Much of it I forgot and relearned again in a different form as an adult. Or watching public television episodes on prioritization and task management — what 11 year old has a need to think about making and prioritizing todo lists by A, B, C?

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Raspberry Pi aquarium heater control and monitor

This project fits into a larger project of lowering home energy cost. I plan to drop the thermostat to below 60 when I’m away from home so that the gas furnace and blower don’t run for hours a day.

Case Larsen Feb 23, 2018

Most recently used - a heuristic that works for computers as well as humans

We use the “most recently used” heuristic to make things faster given a limited amount of physical or mental space. With computers, we use the “most recently used” heuristic to make software run fast with a limited amount of memory.  This applies in everyday human life too.  Keeping salt and pepper at the table instead of in a distant spice rack makes eating a faster experience. We can also make iPhone apps organization faster and less painful.

Case Larsen Jan 27, 2018

Hello and Happy Holidays

This site has been slow cooking for the last year. Finally it surfaces just in time for the new year.

Case Larsen Dec 26, 2017

Workflow v1

This describes my workflow as of October 10, 2015.

Case Larsen Aug 31, 2016