About me

I’m a little bit OCD. I like to think it comes out of my Japanese heritage. It can be a force for good (of self and others) when directed appropriately.

I like taxonomies to understand differences and commonalities. I like to group things together, sort and compare things along different criteria. I like to make a mass of unrelated material hold together.

I also like learning (sometimes hard but definitely a slow, continuing journey) and recounting what I’ve learned (less hard and often skipped over until recently).

I grew up reading and enjoying some books that weren’t quite the normal boy’s reading material, such as Instant ESP by David St. Clair which was first introduction to visualization, self-hypnosis, energy. Much of it I forgot and relearned again in a different form as an adult. Or watching public television episodes on prioritization and task management — what 11 year old has a need to think about making and prioritizing todo lists by A, B, C?