Decent espresso finally arrives

Many people have stories of crowdfunded projects never delivering and resulting in nothing to show except a warning tale for anyone who might considering backing another crowdfunded campaign. Well this is a story that started out as another Kickstarter project gone undelivered, but reimagined and finally delivered by another company. [Read More]

Home energy monitoring - InfluxDB onto t2.micro

I would not recommend running an I/O hungry process like InfluxDB on a Raspberry Pi. The fact that it can work is convenient for demo purposes, but for reliable long term use, we need something more performant.

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Home energy monitoring and savings project

One goal for this year is to reduce expenses and one way is through using less energy. I know the heater consumes a lot of energy: 300w of electricity to run the blower fan, and gas to run the furnace. It could run it less often if I’m not at home. [Read More]

Raspberry Pi aquarium heater control and monitor

This project fits into a larger project of lowering home energy cost. I plan to drop the thermostat to below 60 when I’m away from home so that the gas furnace and blower don’t run for hours a day. However, the ideal water temperature for a tropical betta fish is between 78 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. [Read More]

Hello and Happy Holidays

This site has been slow cooking for the last year. Finally it surfaces just in time for the new year. I just set up this blog using Terraform and Jekyll. Implementing a blog is the new “Hello World” of not sure what to call it the new media writing world? Update May 30, 2018: I moved to Hugo, GitHub and Netlify. The idea is to be able to compose mostly by pushing new draft content to a git branch which can be done with an iOS client instead of needing to run a server locally. [Read More]

Workflow v1

This describes my workflow as of October 10, 2015. I follow a personal Kanban approach inspired by the book Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life with weekly, monthly and yearly reviews. I’ve added planning elements from the Getting Results the Agile Way book and occasional anti-procrastination focusing techniques from the Pomodoro technique. [Read More]