Decent espresso finally arrives

Decent espresso finally arrives

Many people have stories of crowdfunded projects never delivering and resulting in nothing to show except a warning tale for anyone who might considering backing another crowdfunded campaign. Well this is a story that started out as another Kickstarter project gone undelivered, but reimagined and finally delivered by another company.

I finally received the Decent Espresso DE1+ after waiting for 6.5 years in total from the first idea of getting a high tech espresso machine and 1.5 years from my order with Decent.

There’s more I could say about the 6.5 years of waiting – mostly about the first 3 years, but that’s water under the bridge.

I wound up having to also purchase a better grinder, from Decent as well, because the motor of the one I already had didn’t have enough power to grind fine beans into the fine powder necessary to pull the slow, rich shots at high pressure.

With all this now in place, the first shot with the better grinder once again came out too fast because of a coarser grind setting, but after adjusting, the second shot came out looking and tasting as good as any shot I’ve had recently from Sightglass or Blue Bottle based on my untrained palate.

Now the real learning begins.